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SCH Law Firm

Legal Cases - Houston

Integrated experience in a number of cases




Involves allegations of negligence by healthcare professionals leading to patient harm


Focuses on business disputes, often related to contracts, transactions, or competition


Deals with claims against lawyers for negligence or misconduct in legal matters

Business Litigation

Pertains to conflicts involving service providers, such as accountants or consultants

Mental Health

Addresses legal issues related to mental health treatment, rights, and involuntary commitments

Real Estate

Involves legal disputes concerning property, like boundary disputes, landlord-tenant conflicts, or breaches of real estate contracts


Why are we different?


At Scott, Clawater & Houston, our unwavering commitment to prioritizing the needs of our clients sets us apart. We go beyond conventional legal services by cultivating strong relationships, understanding unique client objectives, and tailoring our strategies to deliver personalized and effective solutions.

Expertise Across Diverse
Legal Arenas

What distinguishes us is our comprehensive proficiency in civil litigation, covering a spectrum from commercial disputes to product liability and personal injury cases. Our Houston-based law firm boasts a team of seasoned attorneys with diverse expertise, enabling us to provide unmatched legal counsel across various legal domains.

Innovative Legal Strategies

Embracing innovation in the legal landscape, Scott, Clawater & Houston stands out for its cutting-edge and forward-thinking legal strategies. Whether navigating complex commercial matters or advocating for clients in personal injury lawsuits, our firm employs innovative approaches to ensure our clients receive the most effective and modern legal representation available.


Case Experience

Medical Malpractice - Houston

Decades of Legal Wisdom:
With an impressive cumulative experience of over 100 years, Scott, Clawater & Houston brings an unparalleled depth of legal wisdom to the table. Our seasoned attorneys have weathered diverse legal landscapes, equipping us with the knowledge and insight necessary to navigate the complexities of civil litigation with finesse.

Proven Track Record of Success:
Our extensive case experience is measured not just in years but also in a consistent track record of successful outcomes. SCH takes pride in a history of achieving favorable results for our clients in commercial, product liability, and personal injury lawsuits. Trust our wealth of experience to guide you through even the most challenging legal scenarios.

Dynamic Adaptability in Legal Practice:
Beyond the years on paper, our firm’s case experience is marked by dynamic adaptability. The legal landscape evolves, and so do we. Scott, Clawater & Houston leverages its extensive background to stay at the forefront of legal trends, ensuring our clients benefit from the most current and effective legal strategies available.



Lawyers from Scott, Clawater & Houston have defended clients against multi-million dollar claims and obtained seven and eight-figure verdicts and settlements on behalf of plaintiffs in contract, oil and gas, toxic tort, and personal injury cases.

Many of the firm’s attorneys began their practice on the defense side of the docket, and the firm maintains loyal defense clients. However, our attorneys also represent an increasingly diverse body of individuals and corporations, depending upon the needs and best interests of the client. The firm is widely known for representing individuals and businesses in virtually every type of civil lawsuit. Our attorneys have expertise in cases involving mass torts, class actions, product liability claims, claims of legal and medical malpractice, physician representation before the Texas Medical Board, attorney grievances before the State Bar of Texas, shareholder derivative claims, and a variety of business lawsuits, including breach of contract, insurance, environmental, oil and gas, and energy-related suits.

The firm has successfully defended lawyers, banks, tobacco companies, drug companies, oil and gas companies, steel companies, manufacturers, hospitals, partnerships, corporations, and individuals. At Scott, Clawater & Houston Management Company, our attorneys aggressively pursue cases to trial and have been successful in obtaining favorable jury verdicts in hundreds of jury trials. However, sometimes the clients’ interests are best served by resolving disputes quickly through negotiations and favorable settlements. We believe in innovative fee agreements that result in client savings, with fee agreements that include partial contingent fee arrangements blended with hourly rates, as well as flat fee and contingent fee arrangements.


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